Balance between money and habits

There is a lot of pressure on money and habits which we call normal in our country, city or family. Did you ever think about your desires? In this blog, you will read how I worked on my habits and how I found a balance between my money and habits. What is normal for me, can be different for you. It’s all about thinking different and dare to trust your gut feeling. Why should you walk away from your dream?

Tension is exactly what keeps us from doing what we want or living our dream. I believe this is a shame. You just have one life. Can not and doesn’t exist is not standing in my dictionary and it shouldn’t be in yours neither. Why should you care about what other think of your decisions? You can explain them why you make these choices. Just once, and move on with your dream. This is what you want, this is what you believe in. Get rid of all those distractions and keep doing what you love.

Money and habits

People choose to buy or rent a house. This is needed because you need a passive income or some stones to get money from when you are getting retired. But if you want to travel now or change your living place, is this what you need then? Or can you do it three years later? Think about how you want to spend your money. For me, it was very easy to choose. I rented a room somewhere. I wanted to travel, so I made some arrangements with the house owner to store my stuff there until I’ll come home or move on to my next house. If this is not a choice for you, then you can think about renting a city box or ask your family to store your stuff. This is a way to save some money for your freedom lifestyle.

Habits are about your surrounding. This is what you learned here. This is what you supposed to do. But what if your head is up to something else? What if you have bad ass dreams? Are you listening to them or do you have oppressive voices in your head? This is where you need to make a switch. Because these oppressive voices are fake. These are voices of the fears of your surrounding. When you are excited about your plans, you start talking about it. You will always get feedback. Good and bad. You know the science of the influence of good and bad feedback. Bad is always stronger. Please keep in mind that you can have those fantasies. After the fantasy move, you need to transfer them into bad ass actions. Don’t be afraid, just try it. This is the only way to learn from your thoughts, actions and surrounding. They will react on it, you will react on it. This will emerge and then you have some new insights about how to run your life.

Which costs can you spend differently?

  • Renting a fixed house / renting air b&b or apartments while traveling
  • Groceries/ buying food while traveling
  • Sport and wellness facilities / can be cheaper while traveling depending on your destination
  • A budget for clothes / do you really need them this month? Or can you buy your next flight ticket?
  • Subscriptions / do you really need them? Do you need others while traveling or living your dream?
  • Planning short vacations or trips
  1. A lot of people think they can’t travel because it is way too expensive or they can’t give up there certainty. Well, it is not about expensiveness or certainty. It’s just about thinking differently. Choose where you want to go now and build a plan  around it. Do you really need to keep your house? Can you rent it out? It’s very easy to make this decision. Choose for people you trust if you rent it out or just let people live in your house if you don’t need the money.
  2. If we look at point 2, are here no consequences. This is not make anything different. This is just the same, cheaper or a bi expensive. Just figure it out for your desired destination. There will always be a way to work on it. Or… just choose another destination where it is cheaper. I lived in Bulgaria for 6 weeks where I didn’t had a kitchen. So I needed to go out every day for lunch and dinner. Breakfast could be fixed in the supermarket and stored in my fridge but that was it. I could have lunch for €2,50 and dinner for €5,00. If I would order a bottle of wine with it, It would just cost me €10,00/€15,00. These prices are reasonable. Nothing worse. The markets where sooooo cheap. I always bought way too much for less then €20,00 and I could eat from it for two weeks.
  3. Sport and wellness facilities can be cheaper while you are in another country. But….. this can also be more expensive. I can advice you to figure this out on beforehand. Just ask in a Facebook group of this country or city how the gyms are like and where you can find the best wellness facilities. This will keeps you in balance and you don’t need to search for it when you arrive there. I believe this one is something you don’t need to forget when you are out of your comfort zone.
  4. BUYING FLIGHT TICKETS!!!! WOOHOOO!!! This is soooo amazing. But you still have those feelings that you need new clothes. Your pants are to small, you can’t were your dress or whatever. DUDEEE.. you are traveling, eating different, or whatever.. just give it some time and invest in experiences instead of stuff and clothes.
  5. BOOM!! This is something you really need to check every month. How is it going? Are you still checking your subscriptions or can you let it go?
  6. If you are in another country, don’t let yourself feel stuck. You can go to countries surrounded the country you are in. For example, I went to Greece from Bulgaria for three days. This only has cost me €135,00 for shared car rental, gas, air b & b, food & drinks & gifts. Other countries are way cheaper than your home country.

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