Mining your thoughts into creation in 2018

Workflow mining is something I read about at the moment. It goes about how to process all the information into valuable content, processes, and workflows. It needs to be workable. We can’t handle the workload anymore. We need to create a system in our mind to process the valuable information and which you can put aside. Co-creation is one of the best methods to get your fabulous ideas on paper.

When I founded the name, I didn’t know what we could expect from Mind Events Factory. This is the most beautiful part of entrepreneurship. You will never know where your path will go through. Just be open to all the opportunities which people will offer to you and the magic will happen. Let people be part of your process. Let them decide whether this is containing your message. Receiving feedback is important. Create your products in co-creation with your clients, business buddies or family. They can tell you what they need.

How do I find a buddy?

Well, this can be very easy. Send out a message on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Lot’s of entrepreneurs are in need of a business buddy. I think it’s important to know what kind of buddy you need. Is this just to get feedback? Or do you want to co-create with them? I learned that it is essential to choose someone from a different field. They can act as your client and give you honest advice and feedback on your products. If you don’t know how to do it, please subscribe below. We will teach you more about connecting with people and how you should take care of your relationships.

Mining your thoughts into creation

2018 is the year of co-creation. It’s beautiful to see how people emerge when they work together. The more knowledge you put in one room, the more value your customers will get. The more you will learn about yourself and your business and the more your numbers will grow.

What is keeping you from creating beautiful events? We already have a few projects in the pipeline in Bulgaria, Morocco, and Portugal. The subjects vary between yoga, surfing, business coaching, personal life coaching, money coaching, socialism, digital nomadism, biohacking and more crazy stuff.

We still would like to add some adventurous events to our calendars. Everything is possible. Just speak up with your childish dreams. Be open for some extra knowledge and make up the good work together. There will be no competition. Because there is just one person that can deliver the real value. No one is copying your ideas. You are the only one who can act like you and produce your thoughts into your products.

Do you have a crazy but mindful mind? Don’t wait any longer. We have a big network where we can always connect you with the right people.

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