Interview: Alex Ahom shares his Coworking Vision

Alex Ahom is the founder of Shhared in Hamburg. Shhared is a coworking space where creative people come together to share their experiences, be successful and enjoy what they do. Shhared is located in Hamburg which has 1.8 Million citizens and is one of the biggest cities in Germany. I interviewed Alex after I’ve heard about his participation at the Coworking Europe Conference.

Who are you and where are you from?

Hi, I am Alex Ahom, the founder of Shhared. I’ve been living in Hamburg for a number of years now but I am originally from London.

Why did you go to Hamburg?

I didn’t go to Hamburg with a plan for a coworking space in hand. Most people from London in my community are ambitious and keen for learning and growing opportunities. As much as I love my city, I knew I would profit from an out of comfort zone experience and I have to say, in retrospect that was an understatement. Shhared came to life over a year after I moved to Germany and it represents the answer to a very real challenge I realized people around me had.

Where did your passion for the coworking scene come from?

Coworking and its neighbouring scenes are very closely connected to my passions. For me, there is a clear red thread when you connect my professional background. I’ve worked in tech for Apple, for a small family recruitment business but also in media, sports and mentoring. These experiences taught me how important it is to have a supportive network around you who empower you to be successful in achieving your goals. What I do today is the result of everything I have done previously and it mirrors my personal beliefs in work, life, equality, and culture.

What is Shhared?

Shhared is a platform for growth in the shape of a coworking community. People come together from different walks of life in order to not only work but to be more successful on the projects they feel most passionate about. At Shhared, you will have fewer distractions than in a home office and a greater number of collaborative opportunities than in a coffee shop. Join us in Hamburg, we have space for approximately 80 people.

Hamburg is the second biggest port city in Europe besides Rotterdam and often voted the best looking city in Germany. You can find Shhared in the west of the city close to some lovely parks on one hand and some very well know companies like Jimdo, AirBnB, LinkedIn, MyTaxi and more.

What kind of people can we find at Shhared? 

We have people from fashion, media, design and technology industries, It’s a real mix. However, what unites them is their positive attitude, ambition, and intent to succeed. 

What makes Shhared different from other coworking spaces?

I’ve been lucky enough to visit spaces of different kinds in many different locations. I have to say that for me, every space is different and has it’s own vibe or focus. These days you can find anything between small independent communities and multinational startup and corporate focused spaces. I’d encourage people to explore more spaces if they can and find the right place for them. despite the obvious location and offer, it’s also our vision that makes us different.

You hosted the Coworking Europe Conference. Can you share your top 3 learnings of this event?

  1. As I don’t do that much public hosting at the moment, I personally gained a lot of speaking experience in Dublin.
  2. I recaptured a love for travel, creating new relationships and consulting.
  3. I also learned there are still new business models and services that bring their own opportunity to a growing audience. This year there were over 450 people at the conference. Thanks to Jean-Yves, his team and the sponsors. It was great to meet so many people who had just started their business, as well as old the guard, investors, students, managers, and enthusiasts.

Where is your focus on?

My focus is still 100% on Shhared. I’m keen to connecting with more people in the scene, who could benefit from it or would like to get in on it. Feel free to get in contact with me via Linkedin –

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