Impact of a Digital strategist

Alex Malone, founder of Mister Malone and Story of my world knows how to make a difference and how to market your brand. Digital strategies intrigued her. Creating strategies, being creative and helping brands grow to the next level. Years of global experience have shown that this is her desire and she mastered it.

Impact of the digital strategist

Mister Malone is her agency. Alex is a digital strategist and specialist in building awesome brands. This is something you can do wherever in the world and so her job makes it possible to travel a lot. She worked in different places around the globe and taught other brands, start-ups, and corporates how to make an impact with their brands. Mister Malone will not tell you what to do; they will start with asking you the right questions and those answers will be the base of a co-created online strategy. Most of the time a brand, media and content strategy are the following steps.

Her second business again combines her love for online strategy and travel. Story of my world is an online travel magazine where stories of real travelers are shared. It is not about content writers who learned how to write a travel story. It is about travelers who experienced awesome places. It is real and may not be perfect but it tells a story of a traveler. Alex started this platform when she was traveling South America. She was writing about her own adventures, about how she almost died on a mountain she climbed, about the drugs in Colombia, about a guy that wanted to take her home while she was still with her boyfriend.. those stories became very popular in a short time. She decided to create a platform for travelers to collect many different travel stories. Many different views that help a reader to get inspired about a new destination but also get a diverse view of a certain destination. Story of my World also provides support in writing your story. Rhea is the editor and she is an English native who helps you to improve your writing. Also, you don’t need to worry if you want to take a break with writing. Over 80 other travelers are also sharing their stories. So that takes off the pressure of keeping your readers happy with needing to upload every week.

Alex her biggest dream:

“To create a platform where I can bring people together and introduce them to a network of travel organisations. I want to teach the world how more people can create a travel lifestyle.”

Future plans

In the future, we will create small and extraordinary group travel experiences at places where people normally can’t go. We traveled to amazing places in the world and made a lot of connections with locals. This makes it possible for us to create off the beaten track travels. We are currently working on an off the beaten track trip with a small group to Lapland and Chilli. More coming soon, but if you already want to know about this more – you can definitely send her a message because she does wonder how many people would find it interesting to go on an once in a lifetime trip with other adventures! You can get in touch here.

What changed and what keeps you in Balance?

I became more professional when I started working for myself. This is a step you need to make in order to be successful as an entrepreneur. I try to visualize my goals and make the steps towards them. What keeps me in balance? Balance isn’t the right word for me. I am pretty chaotic. My mind likes to drift and my energy goes with big ups and big downs. Balance is not a word that fits my lifestyle. But that’s ok. What does clear up my head whenever it gets too busy is an outside workout.

Also, what keeps me balanced (in a way) – is that I have a point on the horizon that I am working towards. A few weeks ago I attended the hell week of Erik Bertrand Larrsen. He claims that you can change your life in 7 days. I stood up every morning at 5 o’clock, did a workout every morning, didn’t drink alcohol, only eat healthy, didn’t watch any Netflix or tv and only could use social media for work. So no more scrolling around to fill up time. Every day had a theme and you had to set a goal for the entire week but also per day. That week did change my life in a way. I am more aware of my goals I am working towards but I also know which steps to take in order to reach those goals. More about my hell week you can read on my Linkedin.

Which event or community helped you for your personal growth and helped you grow as a business owner? Which ones can you recommend to our audience?

Smart-Up Network is a community that organizes events with a lot of depth and knowledge. They have events where they interview influencers for entrepreneurs and they also have workshops with specialists. Very interesting! Secondly, a few months ago I went to a heart fullness session given by Lonneke Zintel. A session that learns you to live more with your heart. As an entrepreneur, you are always (or I should say: I am always) overthinking your steps, your days, your projects etc. But what if you dare to let that go and make decisions with your heart? For me, this was a very interesting session of which I got to know myself and it helped me in many things that came after that session. The last one I would like to share is one that is more about travel. Travel Massive is an international network that hosts events in different cities and shares interesting content out of the travel industry.

Any travels on the planning?

Yes! Some upcoming trips and workations are: working in a castle in Normandië with other entrepreneurs, I am going to Stockholm where I was invited by coworking space The Impact Hub to work for a week and to do a presentation about my business, I need to go to London to meet up with my Story of my World partner. And since we have friends all over the world we are deciding if the next big trip will be back to Australia (west coast), Indonesia, Canada or South America. Having friends all over the world makes it easy to travel around. The decision of where to go next only gets harder, haha.

You can follow Alex on Instagram and the Youtube channel she recently launched to learn more about this lifestyle.

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